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Now public on - The first professional ropeway in the Metaverse. Climb aboard, enjoy the view and explore the snowy mountaintop.
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Your Full-Service Web3- und Metaverse-Agency.


"Web3  - or the new internet - is edging into the mainstream."

Financial Times, May 2022

"The metaverse is reshaping how people meet, play, work, learn and interact."

Lego Group / Epic Games, April 2022

"Metaverse fashion companies are pulling millions in funding."

Vogue Business, April 2022

"NFTs are game changing for art, creative contents and how intellectual properties are handeld."

PWC, January 2022


Unique. Bespoke. Handmade.
Non-Fungible. Like you.

Crafting excellence meets Web3. Your NFT printed on your 3D customizable sneakers. Wearable IRL and in the metaverse.

NFSneakers.CX is an early stage side project of NFBrands.X GmbH with the goal to bring the most exclusive NFT wearable to your feet.

IRL and in the metaverse.

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meta everything

We accompany brands, people and organizations into the metaverse. We help them to orientate, position and establish themselves and to develop something new - with consulting, training, XR visualization, NFT projects and our know-how about Web3 development.

The metaverse is what we make of it. With the Web3 a new era has begun - today a new world is emerging that is becoming bigger, more dynamic and faster every day. In this world we are at home. A world we are at home. A world are we going to shape.

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meta skills

NF stands for Non-Fungible.

X stands for Accelerator.

We are the first agency in Austria fully specialized in Web3 and Metaverse - because the challenges are complex, the technologies demanding and the opportunities are limitless. We are not just "doing something with Web3" - we are Web3.


We guide brands, people and organizations on their path into the new worlds. We provide support in terms of selecting the right technologies, developing the right platforms and develop successful Web3 strategies - from stand-alone NFT projects to holistic meta-strategies.

meet the team


We help to exploit and seize the Metaverse and its opportunities - in individual and group coaching sessions, in workshops and in the context of lectures. In addition, we regularly inform our network and our partners about current developments in the Web3 and NFT area.

create know-how


We build new worlds, create digital architecture and implement immersive XR experiences with our strong partners. We translate ideas into meta-realities and help brands not only to find the perfect place in the metaverse, but to design, set up and bring it to life in the best way possible - in line with their ideas and demands.

build future


Non-Fungible tolkens have already fundamentally changed the world today. New companies and ideas are constantly emerging on the basis of this technology, setting out to meet old and new challenges more intelligently, efficiently and dynamically. The potential of this technology is enormous and already ranges from branding to startup financing and ticketing to the optimization of business processes. We help to develop and implement the right NFT strategies - from concept to smart-contract to marketing.

take chances


The Web3 offers numerous new possibilities. But it also comes with countless new requirements. With our unique network of Web3 coders, we have the know-how and experience to not only tackle complex blockchain-based challenges, but to develop, test and launch new ideas, products and solutions.

create solutions


We create Web3 sales channels by building and managing communities and channels and sharing our know-how. We implement and manage Discord channels. We create effective meta-exhibitions and meta-events. And we create and play meta-advertising and sales spaces with our years of marketing experience.

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tools und technologies

We work with state of the art technologies - and we constantly deal and play around with new solutions and tools. We are ready for the future and are always searching for the best solutions for our customers and partners.

Advisory Board

The Metaverse has many faces. This is what our Advisory Board stands for, with well-known thought leaders from different fields who are united by one thing above all: the desire to create something new and to shape the future together.

Ali Mahlodji
Future + Youth
Bjoern Ognibeni / XRLab-MCM
Innovations & Strategy
David Neuhaus
Social Media + Communities
Andrea Foth
Andrea Foth
Marketing + New Business
Silvia Thaler
in the headroom
Brand Culture + Communication
Arnold Malfertheiner
Stefan Illwitzer
Navigato / ISC Brands
E-Commerce Business Development
Prof. Thomas Metzler
Denise Grimm
Global Account Management
Christian Prill
Brand Positioning
Matthias Schwaighofer
B-ART Company / Schwaighofer Art
General theory of creativity

partner network

Web3 is characterized by cooperation and is driven by the idea that you can achieve more together than against each other. As part of the marketing, design and communication network NFBrands.Group, we are able to meet complex requirements in the field of brand positioning and communication.

let's collab

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